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This site compiles research and provides ressources on the nexus between migration, democracy, and democratisation.


Out now: My book chapter on potential links between circular #migration and #democratisation

Rother, Stefan. 2016. “Democracy on the Move? The Potential Link Between Circular Migration and Democratization.” In Impact of Circular Migration on Human, Political and Civil Rights, edited by Carlota Solé, Sonia Parella, Teresa S. Martí, and Sonja Nita, 195–216. United Nations University Series on Regionalism. Cham: Springer International Publishing.




Looking beyond ‘the refugee crisis’, can migrants be the new agents of democracy?

My opinion piece for The Conversation can be found here:


Democratization through Migration?

Political Attitudes and Participation of Philippine Return Migrants

This monograph, written by Christl Kessler and Stefan Rother is available now from  Lexington Books:


Initial results of this comprehensive research project can be found here:


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This Appendix contains the questionnaires, interview Guidelines, coding schemes and additional survey data. Copyright by the authors.
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Migration und Demokratie

Stefan Rother (Hrsg.)

This peer-reviewed edited volume is available now from Springer VS:



Inhaltsverzeichnis und Vorwort von Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth als Download:




Special Issue of International Migration Vol. 53 (3) 2015:

“Migration and Democracy” 



Guest edited by Stefan Rother and Nicola Piper

Migration and Democracy: Citizenship and Human Rights from a Multi-level Perspective

Guest editors: Nicola Piper and Stefan Rother

Transnational Immigrant Narratives on Arab Democracy: The Case of Student Associations at UC Berkeley

Tamirace Fakhoury

The Democratic Potential of Enfranchising Resident Migrants

Luicy Pedroza

Alternative Regionalism from Below: Democratizing ASEAN’s Migration Governance

Stefan Rother and Nicola Piper

Migration, Precarization and the Democratic Deficit in Global Governance

Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Aleksandra Alund and Branka Likić-Brborić



Special Issue of European Journal of East Asian Studies, Vol 8 (2) 2009:

“International Migration and Democratisation in East Asia”

Guest edited by Jürgen Rüland, Christl Kessler and Stefan Rother


Democratisation Through International Migration? Explorative Thoughts on a Novel Research Agenda 

Jürgen Rüland; Christl Kessler and Stefan Rother

Democratic Citizenship and Labour Migration in East Asia Mapping Fields of Enquiry

 Christl Kessler

Temporary Migration and Political Remittances: the role of organisational networks in the transnationalisation of human rights

 Nicola Piper

Changed in Migration? Philippine Return Migrants and (Un)Democratic Remittances

Stefan Rother

State-led Migration, Democratic Legitimacy, and Deterritorialization: The Philippines’ labour export model

 M. Scott Solomon